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Top 25 Beauty Bloggers in MalaysiaImage is one of the biggest investments you can make these days if you are interested in living a life worth talking about. Gone are the days when personal merits alone could open doors for you, today if you don’t have an image to go with your merits, you might have a tough time proving your worth at work, in friends or in society in general. This is why today people are spending more on maintaining their image than anything else in the world. A great looking “selfie” will not just earn you hundreds of “Likes” on social media, but it can also help you gain more friends and at times 15 minutes of virtual fame. Today even employers feel the need to check out profiles of prospective employees on the social media before hiring them- so YES that is how important image has become.

But this pressure to have an absolutely perfect image has also created a lot of problems too. People now tend to go to extremes to achieve perfection, which has encouraged the cosmetic industry to dole out just about anything in order for their customers to get the results they desire. Most of the times the chemicals used in cosmetics and skincare products are extremely harmful for human health. But as long as these chemicals are helping customers achieve the impossible beauty standards set by society today, no one is asking any questions. However, letting this go on would be unfair and this is why now turning towards nature for the perfect answers.

None of these bloggers are on the Ortus pay roll, however they were chosen purely for their commitment towards safe and healthy beauty practices and the genuine advice they share with millions of their followers. Their popularity among their followers on social networks is not just authentication of their expertise in the field of beauty and skincare but also a certification of their commitment towards nature based solutions.

Congratulations to the following list of websites that have made our Top Beauty Bloogers Award designation!

Here is how they stand out:

  1. At the top of our list is Elfie Jane Jinik who’s incredibly sane beauty and skincare advice can be found at, a lifestyle magazine site where you can find help about, beauty and skincare, fashion, sex and relationships etc. You can contact Elfie Jane atelfie.jane@lowyatmsc.comlipstiq_com
  2. Tine is another outstanding blogger who is readily sharing her skincare secrets and beauty advice on In real life Tine is a happily married mom who loves shopping and is a strong believer of protecting what you already have, rather than running after unattainable beauty goals like wearing sunscreen religiously. This alone says a lot about her beauty and skincare beliefs, and for more readers can find her at tine@beautyholicsanonymous.combeautyholicsanonymous
  3. Juli can be found sharing her gems of wisdom on the site is all about pop culture, life style and makeup. If you would like to get to know Juli and ask her advice on anything related to makeup and beauty then contact her on bunbunmakeuptips@gmail.combunbunmakeup
  4. Hida Kattan weaves her magic on, her blog about beauty tips, weight loss, healthy living and skincare. You can get her personal take on any of these issues at huda@hudabeauty.comhudabeauty
  5. Fiona Loh is the beauty genius behind a blog that answers all your beauty and skincare issues. Fiona is not just a beauty expert, she is also a savvy web marketer who has slowly but painstakingly built her name into a beauty brand readers can trust. You can contact her on fiona@street-love.netstreetlove
  6. Chloe Ash is another name to reckon with in the world of beauty and skincare blogging. Her highly knowledge based blog all about fashion and beauty, skincare tips, fashion accessories and what not. You can find expert feedback and useful tips about all the leading makeup and skincare brands available in the market. Get her expert opinion on any of your beauty and skincare problems from lily@chloeash.comchloeash
  7. Emily Quak is the go to person if you have questions about beauty, skincare, fashion and lifestyle. Her informative blog deal with all these subjects and gives you comparison and research based information about some of the most popular beauty brands. Get her expert advice on any of these subjects at  emilyquak
  8. Kelly Chin the creator and owner of is someone you need to know if you have queries about beauty, health & food, lifestyle and fitness. But that’s not all; she also provides great information regarding entertainment, technology, cars and travel. If you would like to have her say on any of these issues just drop her a mail at kelly2988@gmail.comsunshinekelly
  9. Jiawun is the brain behind, a 17 year old blogger who claims she is a plain Jane by day and a beauty nerd by night. However, if you read her blog you will realize that she is much much wiser than an average 17 year old and the beauty and skincare advice she doles out says as much. You can contact her for all your beauty and skincare queries at itsmejiawun@hotmail.combeautynerdbynight
  10. Swee San is the blogger at  which is basically a blog about desserts and travelling around the world, but she is also keen on beauty, health and fitness which is why her blog has made it into the Top 25 beauty blogs. Readers frequent this blog not just for recipes and tips on travelling, but great advice and research on beauty and skincare products of this region as well. Connect with Swee San at swee.san@gmail.comthesweetspot
  11. Paris B gives her wise and vibrant advice on a blog that talks about beauty, skincare, makeup, makeup accessories, lifestyle and brands. If you are looking for advice on the best brands in the market before having to spend lots of money and then ending up disappointed-then Paris B’s blog is the place for you. Contact her for all your queries on parisb@mywomenstuff.commywomenstuff
  12. Josheen Ma is the force behind where she gives great advice on everything about beauty, skincare and lifestyle. An aspiring model herself, Josheen is the go to person for anything regarding image and up-keep. You can contact her with your beauty queries at hooishie@gmail.comjosheen
  13. Fay Hokulani is the guru at , a blog that tackles issues regarding beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Fay gives wonderful and sane advice on how to live a healthy life, maintain your weight and gives realistic reviews of just about every beauty and skincare brand available in the market. You can get assistance from her on just about any issue regarding beauty, fitness and lifestyle at fh@withlovefay.comwithlovefay
  14. Fui Ping’s blog deals with just about every health and beauty related matter under the sun. from finding and maintaining your perfect weight to detoxifying safely to skincare tips for a healthy and glowing skin- Fui’s blog talks about it all and gives well researched advice you can depend on. To get her input on any health and beauty related issue you might have contact her on askfuiping@gmail.compingofhealth
  15. Sabrina Tajudin is the force behind a blog that discusses makeup, beauty, shopping, fashion, food, travel and all things pretty! Sabrina’s passions are makeup, beauty and health and this is why she gives her readers not just food for though but tips to care for their body as well. You can contact her for beauty and health tips on hello.nsabrina@gmail.comsabrinatajudin
  16. Jessy is the eager blogger at, a blog that talks candidly about beauty, skincare and healthy living. Jessy also gives her tried and tested opinion on the various cosmetic brands available in the market and shares her take on what works and what does not. You can contact her for her personal advice on beauty issues on jessying@gmail.comjessying
  17. Cynthia Loh is the happy-go-lucky girl blogging her heart out on Cynthia has a passion for shopping, makeup, shoes and beauty and maybe this is why her readers follow her advice on these topics to the T. She gives great DIY beauty and skincare tips which are great to use and fun to do. You can find her having fun at slowbrogal@gmail.comslowbro_gal
  18. Traclyn Yeoh is the blogger who makes it beautiful at Her blog is about Beauty, lifestyle, travel, food and shopping. Not only will Traclyn enlighten you with her beauty tips but she will also help you save tons of money by sharing her experiences of various beauty and skincare brands. Find her insightful advice on traclyn@LaVogueFemme.comlavoguefemme
  19. Sana is the dazzling light behind , a brilliant blog about latest local events, up and coming trends, tips on fashion and beauty. But there is more to Sana than just this; she is a full time Software Engineer by profession.mybeautydiaries
  20. Isabel Leeis the cute little blogger at she shares her insight about beauty, skincare and food. One of her biggest passions is finding bargain deals on local brands and giving wiser-than-her-years advice on what to buy and what to drop. You can find her scavenging for budget deals at deariesx@hotmail.comtheisabellee
  21. Wiida is the big force trapped in a tiny frame at  a blog that covers anything and everything a young and aspiring fashionista might be looking for. Here Wiida offers not just make up tips, but well executed makeup tutorials as well. You can also find shopping review, help with photo shopping your portfolio and easy to d,  DIY beauty and skincare tips. Contact her for advice or book her for her fabulous makeup services at ydaruzlan@gmail.comwiidaribbon
  22. Llly Ariffinrepresents generation X and Y at , a blog aboutbeauty product reviews and lifestyle. Llly is a graduate of Microbiology and juggles her time between her job as an office manager at eBay, her studies and blogging about what she knows best; beauty products and life style. You can find her tried and tested advice on illy.ariffin@gmail.comillyariffin
  23. Ika is the secret teller at blog about beauty, skincare and lifestyle. She loves to try out new and upcoming beauty brands and share her experiences with her readers. You can find her revealing her secrets at ikathequeen@yahoo.comunlimitedbeautysecret
  24. is the blog you want to frequent if you’d like to know anything and everything about beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle. A brilliant team of bloggers will give you advice on just about any beauty, fashion or makeup issue you might have. Their reviews on the latest trends and brands will also help keep you up dated on what in and what’s out. get personal assistance from this brilliant team of fashion gurus at tammylci@gmail.combutterflyprojectmalaysia
  25. Magront is the brilliant mind behind a blog that talks of her passion for shopping, beauty buys, skincare and traveling. Get an update on the latest budget deals and brand review from Magront. For one to one assistance email her at sharon_punk322@hotmail.comsharonyong

Well this wraps up our list of Top 25 beauty bloggers, we hope you find this list helpful in getting the answers to all your beauty, skincare and makeup problems. Our going away piece of advice is, stick to nature for the best beauty and skincare products since there isn’t a gentler hand on your skin than that of mother nature.

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